Advertisement than Divorce Bride

Advertisement than Divorce Bride

After passing the administration cadre in the 30th BCS, he is working as a senior assistant secretary in the Ministry of Public Administration. After the death of his wife, Zahirul Haque alias Asim Kumar Sarkar was not married. He is going through advertisements in regular newspapers in search of a suitable bride.

After being caught in a detective trap, it was discovered that his name was actually Imam Shahzada. Study race up to secondary. He used to advertise for Muslim brides under the name of Zahirul Haq and for Hindu brides under the name of Asim Kumar Sarkar. He used to say that he is the senior assistant secretary of the ministry of public administration.

A divorced woman saw the advertisement and contacted the said secretary. The marriage talks are also on the way to be finalized. Just then the prince informed that his transfer had been ordered in Nilphamari. To stop the transfer, he took 6 lakh 50 thousand rupees from the woman and stopped the communication.

According to the victim, the way she says it, I believe she is a senior assistant secretary. The money was taken from me to be returned. That night again I want six lakh rupees.

Police say he snatched millions of rupees from everyone who contacted him after seeing the advertisement. So far, crores of rupees have been stolen from various women.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (North) Joint Commissioner. Harun Aur Rashid said that he wants to marry divorced women with the help of BCS cadre. With this opportunity, crores of rupees have been snatched from many women. He gambles with this money; There are numerous cases against him.
The police advised to check and select before deciding to get married after seeing the advertisement.

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