Competition to increase the price of the product is going on

Competition to increase the price of the product is going on

With the increase in winter events, the chicken market is on the rise again. The price of each pair of ducks has increased up to Tk 200 in a week. The prices of all kinds of fish have gone up. Although there is no demand for Hilsa, it has increased from Rs 400 to Rs 600 in Hali.

Golden breed chickens have always been able to meet a large portion of low and middle class protein demand due to their affordable and easy availability. However, for several months now, the market has been buoyed by buyers.

On Friday (December 16), the capital’s Mohammadpur Town Hall market was visited, the price of a pair of ducks increased from 150 to 200 rupees per week. Each pair of ducks is being sold at 1,100 to 1,200 rupees. Gold, broilers and domestic chickens have also increased as demand has increased.

Fish prices have risen due to increased demand on weekends. According to the sellers, the reason for the increase in fish prices is the shortage of supplies.

Despite the increase in the supply of vegetables in the market, the prices of all vegetables except beans, tomatoes, carrots and green chillies have gone up by Tk 10 to 20 per kg.

In the upward price market, there was some relief in the egg market. The prices of domestic, golden and duck eggs have been stable for a week now.

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